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The City Life You Can Touch

If you are looking for a condo near Chiang Mai city that is quiet, safe, worthwhile and pleasant to live in, you've found us! nice to meet you see more details

city life that you can touch


Golden location in the heart of the city

Close to Central Airport . What's even more remarkable is that despite being close to the airport but not disturbed by the noise of the plane That's because the condo is located outside the location of the flight path. The inhabitants are therefore fully quiet and easy to travel as well.

Travel to Chiang Mai Airport only 3 minutes.

In addition to the swimming pool decorated in a tropical style

There is also a cafe, meeting room, and a shared kitchen where residents can cook together. Fitness room, laundry room and in the swimming pool It is also divided into 2 pools, a children's pool and an adult pool. Complete facilities for you to be ready in the project

First floor, the whole floor is a parking area.


Shuttle Van Service  

Shuttle van service 4 times a day starting from Mahidol Condo - Chiang Mai Airport - Central Airport - Three Kings Monument - Chinese Consulate and back to Mahidol Condo.

The only special service in Chiang Mai

4 room types in the Mahidol Condo project




1.6x million

Responding to the lifestyle of a large family in the New Normal era, the design is simple but still luxurious, in the style of 'Modern Contemporary', giving a feeling of warmth and relaxation.

Area 100.94 square meters

Improve the quality of life in the city Simple and elegant, it also has a wide space and no privacy concerns. Because the bedroom and living room are clearly divided.

Area 33-35 square meters

3.3x million


2.4x million

Convenient and valuable Suitable for living as a couple or living with a newly married family. The space is divided into different rooms.

Area 46.46 square meters

Single room starting size both calm and private Fully furnished with all functions answer every investment  

Area 22-23 square meters

7.6x million

The latest promotion from Mahidol Condo for you .

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What our customers say about us

"Sales staff take good care

care about customers"

Mr. Lek

"Nice room, cheap price.

I'm sure it's easy to rent out."

"Good promotion, lots of freebies.

compared to other projects that I have seen."


Mr. Tak 

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